Dear dancer or teacher or studio owner (or combo of all 3!),

I want you to get results in your training and teaching and studio that you are probably not getting at the moment.

I’m talking about stretching and not get flexi if you’re a dancer,

Giving corrections that never “stick” in your students bodies as a teacher

Pouring buckets of money into black hole ads that don’t stand out and don’t get enrolments if you are a studio owner

So I decided to make sure you DO know and you CAN do something about it and there’s absolutely ZERO reason you can’t get access to solving your dance, teaching or studio problem

The Heal Yourself and Move Xmas BF Event Bundle Offer:

🔑 Deal 1. Teachers (& dancers): Access to the Flexibility and Freedom Foundation Course video vault (breakthroughs in turnout, extensions, legs, feet and back flexibility pain free)

Plus the opportunity to upgrade into an industry standard qualification

Value: $327

🔑Deal 2. Personalised weekly coaching with me to help solve your biggest training, teaching and enrolment issues (and you keep the recordings):

Value: $327

🔑Deal 3. Dancers (& teachers): Own the Change the Way you Train relax into flexibility FULL course (this is a absolute game changer if you need rapid flexibility results without soreness or injury)

Value: $129

🔑Deal 4. Studio Owners: Own Results 2 Enrolment Marketing Playbook (currently bringing in on average 3 new enrolments per week for Studio in my programs)

Value: $197

🔑Deal 5. Dancer, Teachers and Studio Owners: Prep to Perform: The only tool you will need this concert season to get rapidily performance ready

Value: $980

Total Value: $1277​​

Your price from today right up to Monday: $129

When you take advantage of this weeks offer and actually implement by filling out your case studies and uploading your before and after pics and vids in the software we have developed – your results will go directly towards either a Cert IV unit with Empowerdance or a dance or Teacher Level 1 Accreditation through Heal Yourself and Move.

All you have to do is submit your completed materials and you will be upgraded to a Cert IV unit or Heal Yourself and Move Level 1 at a full 50% discount.

As a teacher of the Heal Yourself and Move materials or a dancer practicing your art with a Heal Yourself and Move Foundation you give yourself and your students the chance to excel rapidly without pain.

As a studio owner implementing Heal Yourself and Move systems you have the chance to see standards skyrocket and interest explode in your studio’s results, leading to enquiries and enrolments.

This offer has 100 spots ONLY available and finishing 11.59pm Monday

Get Your HY+M BF Bundle here:

P.S: You really really want this but Xmass Kray Kray kinda means you can’t start till after the dust settles on 2023?

I got you! Sign up before Monday and you can activate your training from any time in January and still get the full days coaching (and recordings)

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and these are the results students like Billi are getting in under 25 minutes from their Zoom workshop!