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Finally a platform that allows you to share your life time of success!
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Group Workshops

Personalised Implementation


  • Weekly Consulting sessions to maximise your ability to create, upload and disseminate outstanding course content and show you the path to success for ALL your marketing FOR YOU to add new students
Video shooting

Done for You

No technical knowledge required!

  • Built & launch a custom expert-branded website to host your course
  • ALL your marketing FOR YOU to add new students
  • All your videos edited and all the “tech stuff”handled FOR YOU

Your IP Unpacked

  • We show you how to turn the success system you have built into a fully operational course and coaching machine that can benefit 1000’s worldwide

Ongoing Support


  • Continued support/consulting for you online and offline

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The worlds first success facing software system for industry leaders and innovators

You have built a successful life-changing business for yourself your family and your team
Now it’s time to share your success system with the world

Our Story

Online Virtual Studios is a one-stop education, coaching, LMS technology platform for leaders and innovators in any industry!

Through extensive research, we recognised the need for a digital marketplace that replicates the features of in-person training and online learning.

We have created a learning management software that is built and created by industry experts.

OVS is the worlds first success facing software system for industry leaders and innovators.

You have built a successful life changing business for yourself, your family and your team.

To do that you created a system that generated year after year the results that ensure your business stays at the very top.

But when you sell that business start or a new one or decide to pass it on to your children or team leaders, who but you truly understands the cheat codes, the breakthroughs, the distillation of a lifetime of successful practice that allows you to ‘just know’ what works and how to make it work every time?

Is your success in a silo that only you and those around you get to enjoy?

What if you could ensure your knowledge of how to be a successful business leader, innovator or elite performer could be transmitted to the next generation?….

And the next…

As your legacy of a lifetimes of outstanding achieve transformed into a last service to future generations.

Welcome to the world’s first elite-level business and skill transmission platform.

Online Virtual Studios.

Online Virtual Studios has been built by some of the world’s most successful tech and movement coaching innovators to serve their ability to pass on their message without dilution to thousands of students.

Now we are ready to offer it to you.

Your knowledge is too specific, too valuable and too impactful to be jammed into a cookie-cutter course platform.

At OVS we take the highest level of your unique knowledge and discoveries and turn them into transmissions that transforms lives that you never imagined you’d be able to reach
And makes you a sh** tonne of cash in the process!

Attention success drivers!

If we offered to personally build & launch your own “Digital Membership Site” in less than 7 days guaranteed, plus…

Studio marketing


 Fill your online class with new students

Content Editing

Content Editing

Videos and content edited for you

Student Growth and Retention


Increase online student retention by 80%

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  • Free questionnaire
  • A private coaching session
  • Develop your business goals

Built for you

Built with you and uploaded for you


  • Your courses built together
  • Uploaded for you
  • Your own branded website

Built and support

Fully supported solution

  • Your courses built together
  • Uploaded for you
  • Your own branded website
  • Online support

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Bring your business online with the worlds only virtual studio platform

Meet the team

Zac Jones Team Photo

Zac Jones


Zac Jones is a graduate of the Australian Ballet School, a former soloist with the Queensland Balletand Expressions Dance Company. Zac has also served as a coach at the Australian Ballet School forover five years and in 2018, completed his Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography at the VictorianCollege of the Arts.

Josh Twee Team Photo

Josh Twee

Art Director

Josh Twee completed his BFA Dance in 2015 and is an emerging cross disciplinary performance artists whose ever-expanding practice has negotiated across dance, theater, dance film, puppetry, fencing and stage combat. His works frequently incorporate and exhibit media from different disciplines culminating most recently in live/social/indigenous dance, acting and dance films.

Andrea Mandalis Headshot

Andrea Mandalis


Andrea runs the digital leg of the platform where she can be seen building a virtual home for studios with her team to take studio owners and their students online. It is with great benefit that we can have experienced developers, designers, and project leaders on our team at Online Virtual Studios, as it makes the user experience a very joyful and trusted experience to have.